Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meritxell Negre Says "Adios" to Peaches and Herb and Welcomes Fans to

Hi Friends,

Although a short stint, it's been a really exciting journey to have performed for you in the past 14 months as "Peaches." But good things must come to an end. On that note, I'm officially announcing my regrettable departure from Peaches and Herb.

On February 13, 2010, I did my last performance with Peaches and Herb at the KLUC's 4th Annual Valentine's Love Affair at the Orleans Arena, Las Vegas. We headlined along with Heatwave in an electrifying nearly 4-hour concert, which included Evelyn Champagne King, Blue Magic, and many others. And it was such a pleasure to perform one last time with Herb singing such greats like “Reunited,” “Shake Your Groove Thing,” and “I Pledge Your Love."

I'm also very grateful to the many wonderful fans in the U.S. and Canada who have graciously embraced me, a non-African American artist from Barcelona Spain, as one of the contributors to the "Oldies-but-Goodies" genre. I'm honored to have co-recorded for you, the Peaches and Herb's fan club, Peaches & Herb's latest CD of the past 23-years, "Colors of Love" through Imagen Records.

On another note friends, my departure from Peaches and Herb also marks a new beginning for singer-songwriter, Meritxell Negre. Since recently relocating from the DC area to Los Angeles, I've been one busy lady. Aside from The Source and The Meritxell Project, I'm now in the process of forming up another variety band. And the Latin Queen of Soul looks forward to continue giving all of my followers, nothing but top-quality musical entertainment.

In closing, this will be my last "New Peaches" blog. However, keep tuning in to my new website: features music, photos, and videos of Yours Truly.

Soon the site will also include a link for fans to follow to the "Latin Queen of Soul Blog." So remember to drop by to and say hello, and do leave your comments.


P.S. Again, DON'T FORGET to show me some love at my new website:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peaches Records Songs “Hey Hey Hill and “Oye Hillary” for Hillary Clinton Campaign

Being that I’m such a fan, I hope that President Barak Obama forgives me for this one. Last year, I recorded a song for the Hillary Clinton Campaign titled, “Hey Hey Hill.” I also recorded the song in Spanish under the title, “Oye Hillary.” The song was written and produced by Lynne Revo-Cohen. Annette Rodrigues of "Latinas for Hillary," co-wrote and produced the song as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign video.

The song was first used to turn out the Latino vote in the California primary. However, because of its success, it was also used in the Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania primaries as well as voting places, fundraisers, and Clinton speaking events.

Check out the “Hey Hey Hill and “Oye Hill” videos on YouTube:


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sax Man Jaared Jams With Peaches' Bands, The Source & Meritxell Project

If you like contemporary smooth jazz, you’ll love a very dear friend of mine, Jaared Arosemena. He’s best known in the sax world as Sax Man Jaared. However, I call him Jaared. Others call him the “Smooth Operator” for his smooth saxy sound.

Jaared is a fairly accomplished music artist. The dude can sing too! Doing over 200 shows per year, the man’s a work horse. He’s also one of the most in demand saxophonists in Greater Washington, DC. I’m honored to have Jaared play in my bands, The Source and The Meritxell Project. We've had wonderful times in many musical collaborations. I love you, Jaared!

Jaared has also written numerous jazz tracks. One of my favorites is
One of my favorites is “My First Love.” My all-time favorite Jaared CD is "Hang Time," which features the Peter White, Ken Navaro, Stan Cooper, Nate Smith, Roberto Valley, and Marcus Johnson.

Monday, October 19, 2009

When Summer Ends

Hi Fans,

Judith C. McAleer wrote a powerful, melodic song about empathy called "When Summer Ends." The song turned out to be one of the most beautiful songs that I ever recorded. It is a symbolic reminder of how sheltered our lives are and how considerate we should be of the less fortunate. It is the ideal anthem for the homeless, who live scurrying about for shelter in the endless cold of winter. Thinking of this song makes me feel so fortunate for all that I have today.

The song's piano and flamenco guitar fusion makes me reminisce about my life as a youth in my native Barcelona. Judith McAleer played piano and Arnell Byrd was a superb guitarist, who I wouldn't hesitate working with again. And of course, I provided the vocals (in both English and Spanish). The recording was produced in Art of Music studio, Alexandria, VA

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peaches Visits J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles

If you love the arts, you will be spellbound by the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I was transformed by the museum’s historical exhibitions of western art from the middle ages to modern. This museum is the richest museum in the world since inheriting $1.2 billion in 1982. Looking at its opulent exhibits, it shows.

One of my highlights of the museum was the works of photographer Irving Penn, who created representations of skilled workers in their uniforms and carrying the tools of their occupations. I also had an unforgettable experience marveling at the J. Paul Getty Museum’s dazzling, exterior labyrinthine landscaping.

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Peaches Rides Harley to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico for Lobster Feast

Yesterday, I went on an adventurous lobster cruise. I rode with my friend on his Harley Davidson Road King Classic all the way from San Diego down to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico to eat lobster. I must be crazy or a real lobster lover.

When I arrived in Puerto Nuevo, I finally knew why it’s called the "Lobster Capital of Baja." I saw dozens of restaurants featuring, yummy, succulent pan-fried langostas. After choosing a lobster spot with a tremendous ocean view, it wasn’t long before I started filling my tummy. One wasn't enough. I ate THREE soft, tender, white meat lobsters with beans, rice, homemade flour tortillas, and an icy margarita. But my meal wasn't complete until I sweetened my pallete with flan and Mariachi entertainment romanced my afternoon.

Aside from the delicious lobster feast, it was such an eerie feeling seeing this Lobster Village so desolate. The sight was somewhat depressing with hardly any tourists in sight. Signs of the U.S. economy resound even in foreign lands.

My trip back to San Diego was breathless. We smartly took the toll roads riding for many smooth miles along the breezy oceanfront. It was a perfect day!

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Peaches Performs at Taboo Tuesdays Jazzy Jam Session Hosted by Troy Rawlings at Olivia Restaurant in Burbank

Two Tuesdays ago, my friend Grant Nicholas (far left), who is a music producer who worked on the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis camp, invited me to see a jam session called Taboo Tuesdays. It was at a quaint little spot called Olivia Restaurant in Olive Avenue in Burbank, California. Grant happens to be the jam session’s Music Director and Troy “Ghost Host” Rawlings (far right) was the formidable host.

The ambience of the place was ideal. Troy is a terrific host with laughable comedic punch lines, and the food and drinks were great. Being that it was the grand opening night, I was pleasantly surprised to see a full house chuck full of talent.

Few people knew who I was until Troy introduced me as “Peaches.” Then, he asked me to perform. I must have sang a song or two. Being around so many warm and talented singers, for the first time since leaving the East Coast, I felt right at home. I’m finally starting to feel this L.A. vibe!

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