Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peaches Records Songs “Hey Hey Hill and “Oye Hillary” for Hillary Clinton Campaign

Being that I’m such a fan, I hope that President Barak Obama forgives me for this one. Last year, I recorded a song for the Hillary Clinton Campaign titled, “Hey Hey Hill.” I also recorded the song in Spanish under the title, “Oye Hillary.” The song was written and produced by Lynne Revo-Cohen. Annette Rodrigues of "Latinas for Hillary," co-wrote and produced the song as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign video.

The song was first used to turn out the Latino vote in the California primary. However, because of its success, it was also used in the Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania primaries as well as voting places, fundraisers, and Clinton speaking events.

Check out the “Hey Hey Hill and “Oye Hill” videos on YouTube:


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