Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SoulMusic.com Rocked on Peaches & Herb 2009 Interview on “Colors of Love” CD

I have a lot of respect for SoulMusic.com. They are a leading online news source that has always provided comprehensive, unbiased news showcasing the works of music artists. Their Peaches & Herb 2009 Interview, which highlighted the recent release of our new CD, “Colors of Love,” was warm and “on point!”

I’d like to quote some of the things that their music critic said about me, Meritxell Negre as "The New Peaches":

“As the first non-black “Peaches,” her vibrantly soulful vocal delivery is proof that, in keeping with the album’s title, the Colors of Love are boundless. She’s just as at home delivering a serious, no-nonsense approach on “What You Gonna Do” as she is cooing seductively on “Spend the Night.” Her effortless alto and soprano range is simultaneously lush and powerful, and is the perfect match for Herb’s classic, zesty tenor flair. She fits right in the slot, almost as if she were replacing Linda Greene right after the last Peaches & Herb album (1983’s Remember), instead of 25 years later.”

I’m eternally grateful for the above commentary.

Here’s entire Peaches and Herb Interview.

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