Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sax Man Jaared Jams With Peaches' Bands, The Source & Meritxell Project

If you like contemporary smooth jazz, you’ll love a very dear friend of mine, Jaared Arosemena. He’s best known in the sax world as Sax Man Jaared. However, I call him Jaared. Others call him the “Smooth Operator” for his smooth saxy sound.

Jaared is a fairly accomplished music artist. The dude can sing too! Doing over 200 shows per year, the man’s a work horse. He’s also one of the most in demand saxophonists in Greater Washington, DC. I’m honored to have Jaared play in my bands, The Source and The Meritxell Project. We've had wonderful times in many musical collaborations. I love you, Jaared!

Jaared has also written numerous jazz tracks. One of my favorites is
One of my favorites is “My First Love.” My all-time favorite Jaared CD is "Hang Time," which features the Peter White, Ken Navaro, Stan Cooper, Nate Smith, Roberto Valley, and Marcus Johnson.

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