Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peaches Rides Harley to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico for Lobster Feast

Yesterday, I went on an adventurous lobster cruise. I rode with my friend on his Harley Davidson Road King Classic all the way from San Diego down to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico to eat lobster. I must be crazy or a real lobster lover.

When I arrived in Puerto Nuevo, I finally knew why it’s called the "Lobster Capital of Baja." I saw dozens of restaurants featuring, yummy, succulent pan-fried langostas. After choosing a lobster spot with a tremendous ocean view, it wasn’t long before I started filling my tummy. One wasn't enough. I ate THREE soft, tender, white meat lobsters with beans, rice, homemade flour tortillas, and an icy margarita. But my meal wasn't complete until I sweetened my pallete with flan and Mariachi entertainment romanced my afternoon.

Aside from the delicious lobster feast, it was such an eerie feeling seeing this Lobster Village so desolate. The sight was somewhat depressing with hardly any tourists in sight. Signs of the U.S. economy resound even in foreign lands.

My trip back to San Diego was breathless. We smartly took the toll roads riding for many smooth miles along the breezy oceanfront. It was a perfect day!

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