Monday, October 19, 2009

When Summer Ends

Hi Fans,

Judith C. McAleer wrote a powerful, melodic song about empathy called "When Summer Ends." The song turned out to be one of the most beautiful songs that I ever recorded. It is a symbolic reminder of how sheltered our lives are and how considerate we should be of the less fortunate. It is the ideal anthem for the homeless, who live scurrying about for shelter in the endless cold of winter. Thinking of this song makes me feel so fortunate for all that I have today.

The song's piano and flamenco guitar fusion makes me reminisce about my life as a youth in my native Barcelona. Judith McAleer played piano and Arnell Byrd was a superb guitarist, who I wouldn't hesitate working with again. And of course, I provided the vocals (in both English and Spanish). The recording was produced in Art of Music studio, Alexandria, VA

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